ADHD amelioration in low stimulus environment - Study?

There are a few mentions about adhd symptoms disappearing in a low stimulus environment. I am wondering if there is a study to support these statements; or if they are based on forum anecdotes, or something else. Here are a few of the statements below:

„We suspect a change in the threshold values for the response / deactivation of the HPA axis as the reason for the mediation of ADHD symptoms, so that stressors are still required to trigger the reactions of the HPA axis (= symptoms). This is consistent with the observation that ADHD sufferers lose their symptoms after a few weeks in an extremely low-stimulus environment (remote mountain hut with no internet).“

In a completely low-stimulus environment (2 weeks in a mountain hut without internet and electronic devices), many (but probably not all) symptoms of ADHD disappear, but immediately return unchanged under normal stress in everyday life.

„ADHD can also apparently be “got rid of” by withdrawing to a completely stimulus-free environment. ADHD sufferers lose their symptoms after spending several weeks in a secluded mountain hut (without a cell phone or the internet).
The difference becomes apparent when both return to a normal living environment that does not contain any particular stress triggers. The non-affected person will continue to feel well, while the ADHD sufferer will immediately develop the old symptoms.“

Interesting section. I could only find studies that explore the potential positive impact of nature experiences and outdoor-based interventions on ADHD symptoms in children and teens, as well as their long-term influence on the disorder’s development…

I was arround 14 Days with my Backpack and Tent alone in the wilderness just met a few people on the way. At example,
I still had some ADHD Symptoms starting in the morning with „just the few things” out of the backpack arround me in my tent . Just to get up not to late and pack all the stuff in a good order back in my backpack and to start my next day trip was not that easy for my Brian. Cooking with just a burner and one pot and pan and only a frew ingredients let “shit happens” arround you.
A nice spot for a break let flow the time a way and you still got in trouble with the time , cause you should be bevor darkness at the next camping spot.
A few days alone in a nice shelter with nice thing arround me what I possibly could do was also too much choice.
There could be also some sounds or a noise arround wich are to much .
For me…, My ADHD is still with me and arround and made it also alone in the still nature not that easy. But back in the civilisation you got in confrontation with all those things wich are to much for each Brain. And it was good to have the short break from everything

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