Exekutive Dysfunktion und die heiße Herdplatte

Ich bin gerade auf die folgende Analogie gestoßen und fand sie so unfassbar treffend für mich, dass ich sie teilen muss.
Es beschreibt so gut für Außenstehende, wie stark und wie wenig beherrschbar diese innere Sperre manchmal sein kann und was es mit einem macht…

I’m struggling really hard with motivation issues. I’m even doing this now instead of the thing I’m supposed to be doing. Sometimes it’s hard to describe to people without executive dysfunction why it’s so hard for me to do tasks I don’t like. But I’ve come up with an analogy.

Imagine I asked you to put your hand on a hot stove. How does that make you feel? You don’t want to do it? Sure you are physically able to do it, but something is holding you back. Your brain does not want to put your hand on the stove. That hesitancy is the exact feeling of the dread I go through for things I’m „supposed“ to do.

Brushing teeth? Hot stove. Shower? Hot stove. Going to work/school? Hot stove.

Sure some days are easier than others and you can push through and put your hand on the stove a couple of times, but what if it keeps happening again? And again? And again? Eventually, you start avoiding the stove altogether.

I will literally break down and cry because I’m so tired of putting my hand on hot stoves.


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